Family room

Are you a family - maybe mom, dad and 1-2-3 children - the solution can a family room, apartment or two rooms next to each other. 
  • B&B is exactly known for being a wonderful places to stay with children, lots of space and great old gardens with seating areas. 


  • Are you 4 people - maybe 2 couples? 2 bedrooms each with own bathroom.
    From DKK 325,- per person

  • Lovely apartment/suite with direct access to terrace and gardens.
    From DKK 375,- per person

  • Large room with own shower/toilet. Accommodates 3-4 people.
    From DKK 950,- pr night

  • 4 people, 2 double rooms that share a bathroom.
    Price DKK 250,- per person. More..