• Like in the old days - shower/toilet in the corridor, shared with another room.
    From DKK 250,- per person  

  • Lovely apartment/suite with direct access to terrace and gardens.
    From DKK 375,- per person

  • Bright rooms with own bathroom and view of the beautiful surrounding area.
    From DKK 325,- per person 

Møns Klint

Møns Klint is a spectacular landscape and one of denmark's most popular nature-acctraction. The cliff on the eastern side of Møn are eight kilometers lond and the white chalk cliffs rise to a high of 126 meters from the turquoise green Baltic - on the top they are crowned by a green beech wood.

Here you also find Liselund, the small romantic thatched "castle" with a fairytale garden to match. You can enjoy the beautiful park on your own - only 5 km away from Tiendegaarden

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